Design resources


Design resources include Icons, Avatars, Logos, Emoji, Illustrations, etc., but not limited to these.

Design resources are not constrained by design system rules.

Rules of use

The design resources currently contained in the SnowUl Library can be integrated with the design of SnowUI, please use it according to the design needs.

You can add other design resources, but please make sure that their design styles can be integrated into SnowUI's design.

How to use

All design resources are in SnowUl Library files and published as component libraries.

You can use SnowUl Library as a local component library, or as an online component library (default).

When SnowUl Library is used as an online component library, you will receive update notifications. Usually these updates will not affect your design, but there will inevitably be exceptions. It is a safer way to use it as a local component library.

How to switch component libraries


SnowUI uses Phosphor Icons, you can replace it with other icon libraries.


Avatars are from Figma community and Unsplash.


Logos are from Figma community.


Emoji are from Fluent emoji, you can find the full version in Figma community.


Illustrations are free resources from Figma community.